Pet Friendly Camper Van Rentals

At Bend Westy, we love pets!  We can't imagine an outdoor journey without our four legged companions.  It's the Westy Way!

Jose "The Chi" taking a snooze outside a classic Vanagon Westfalia named Salt.

Your well behaved pets are welcome to tag alone on your Westy adventure.  To cover extra cleaning expenses, we charge a $50 cleaning fee per rental per pet.  Only two pets allowed per rental.  Additionally we ask that you use the provided seat covers and seek to minimize wear and tear.  As with any camper rental, renters will be charged for any damage.  

Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in National Park trails.  So, you might want to direct your travels to state parks and other pet friendly destinations.  

Welcome aboard!

Ranger the dog getting some trail time!