Cold Weather Vanlife

If you are one of those lucky souls that has an auxiliary heater to keep you warm in your van at night, we salute you. For those of us that love to van camp in the winter, but don’t have a way of keeping the van at a comfy 70 degrees, this blog post is for you.


Empty campgrounds, no bugs & quiet serenity are just a few reasons why we love winter van camping. There’s no better cure for cabin fever than tossing the cross country skis into the van and hitting the open road. We’ve put together a few tips that will keep your adventure from looking like scenes from the movie Alive & more along the lines of a cozy, white winterland getaway.

Dress the Part

Be prepared for all possibilities with a warm hat, gloves, socks, base layer, insulating layer & waterproof layer. The beauty of the van is that there’s room for extras of everything in case something gets wet. Make sure to dress in layers and keep yourself from getting too hot. Sweat can turn your toasty baselayers into cold, damp sadness layers once you stop moving. Nobody wants that. We’re also big fans of down booties when we’re hanging out, playing cribbage or cooking dinner in the van.


 The Cocoon

It’s a scientific fact that there isn’t much greater joy than that of a wool blanket on a cold night. One favorite way to get a great night of sleep in negative temperatures is to put a bottle of hot water at the foot of your sleeping bag, a warm beanie on your head, crawl in and cover everything with a wool blanket. Another highly luxurious & brilliant option if you happen to be camped in an RV spot is to plug in an electric blanket. After that, it’s pretty much T minus 2 seconds to La La Land.


Don’t Pop It Like It’s Hot

… because it’s not hot, it’s really cold you guys. Keep that pop top down to keep the heat from escaping. And while we’re on the topic, you know those sun shades you put on your windshield to keep the car from getting too hot? You guys are way ahead of me already, aren't you… yep, they will also help keep the heat INSIDE the van.

Of course, you can always get yourself a Little Buddy heater and live like #vanlife royalty. (Just make sure you install a carbon monoxide monitor in your van as well.) Here’s to living life to the fullest no matter what the season! Do you have a favorite winter van camping tip? We’d love to hear it!